How we ended 2022 and what is to come for 2023
Black Sugar Rib Company, LLC
Arnold Rodriguez
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End of 2023 was busy and exciting for Black Sugar Rib Company. We closed out with a bang with multiple private events. Holidays are always busy, for everyone, everywhere. No matter what it is you do in life, I am sure we can all agree to have that time of craziness in common. Attached is a video we shot during the holidays for one of of our long time clients at Entravision Communications. As always, such a pleasure to work with them and for them.

One thing I haven't touched on is our service. For those not aware of the type of style we provide. Black Sugar Rib Company provides a what you can consider an "All In" menu. Our base menu offers most of our items with the exception of 3-4 items. This makes planning for our guest that much easier. Includes covering special diet or allergy related food items. Our onsite service also includes staff, buffets set up, paper goods and plastic ware. We are also fully insured. Pro tip, when you are ever looking to hire any food service vendor. They should really bring that up with out you asking. In addition they should ask if you would like to add an addition insured. Very important when allowing a business on to your property.

Lastly, we are working on a forum for entrepreneurial ideas to be discussed. This is very exciting to me especially. I meet so many wonderful people through my business. One thing that I have noticed for years, are the dreams of so many to become small business owners. Now, I don't expect to have all the answers for you. But we will definetly help you on starting up. So stay tuned for more info.